In hopes of mutual cooperation and support - 
For all the bass players stuck at home, not gigging, no day job, limited income (hey, that sounds a lot like me). I have reduced the price on all my downloadable, educational materials by 75%. This will give you an opportunity to spend time shedding WHILE providing me with a modicum of support. So from now until this crisis is over: 

The CORE Method: $5.00US (Was 19.99) 
The Chordal Approach: $1:00US (Was 5.00) 
Any Solo Bass Arrangement: $1.00US (was 4.95) 


Additionally, I have reduced the price of the Complete CORE Method video series on Soundslice. Was $99.00, now $50.00. Please visit my store: https://michaeldimin.com/store or SoundSlice page at: https://www.soundslice.com/store/the-core-method-the-core-method-complete/

Hopefully, these materials will keep you occupied and inspired in this difficult time 


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