The CORE Method

Mike’s newest book“The CORE Method”, written especially for his private students, is now available to all players, alone, or as a compendium to the video lessons available at It is a revolutionary new tool for learning the 4, 5 and 6 string electric bass. The CORE Method is both easy to learn and comprehensive. Since the CORE Method is a concept, it is not a series of exercises and etudes and, most certainly, not style specific. The CORE Method works for ALL styles of music, whatever your taste may be.

Through the years, my students have ranged from age 10 to 62. They have diverse careers from students to business owners, from players who play in church on Sunday to those playing in arena rock shows. They have been selected to All State Jazz Band, received Music Scholarships to college and have played with some of the top names in the music business (and some just have a great deal of fun).


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