The Pajama Sessions: Silence of a Candle

Although this video has no commentary, I want to take a minute to talk about the Art of Solo Bass. As someone who has been playing solo bass since 1979, I think I've seen and experienced a great deal. Often times people come to me for advice. So here is some unsolicited advice.  I think we must remember that ultimately, solo bass is not about technique. The multitude of techniques that I've seen develop over the years are all very cool but those techniques, in and of themselves, are not musical. Music is what we do with those techniques. Music is when we are able to transcend the technique. Music is when the technique disappears. An audience member once said that my playing reminded him of Charlie Byrd. That was truly the best compliment I think I've ever received. I was not playing an instrument remotely related to what Mr. Byrd played. I wasn't using techniques that Mr. Byrd used. The music had transcended that. it was just music. This arrangement of Ralph Towner's beautiful composition, Silence of a Candle will be available at my store. This one is all about the music.

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