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“The Chordal Approach" is the culmination of over 20 years of work. From my first attempt at a chord-melody solo of Misty in 1979 to my cutting edge arrangement of Jaco's Three Views of a Secret, I have been able to develop a chordal technique that is within reach of all players.

"I finally had a chance to sit down and go through "The Chordal Approach." Great stuff! I especially like how you explain the theories of reharmonization and voice leading. It makes the book a great educational resource for all bassists and I admire the work you've put in." - Michael Manring

"Moving step by step through the theory, technique, and application of bass chords, Dimin espouses chordal study as a performance tool and as a way to improve your overall musicianship." - Bass Player Magazine, March 2001, From The Bookshelf (p.86)

"The Chordal Approach" is an excellent study and source of information for developing chordal playing on four string bass. Michael has put together a concise guide and method that will start you on your way to exploring the useful chordal possibilities that are available on your instrument. I recommend this book to bassists who want to get a better understanding of harmony as well as developing their comping technique". - Mark Egan

“Bottom Line: This the most informative book covering the topic of chordal techniques on the electric bass that I've seen hit the market. So if you are looking to expand your musical horizons in becoming not just a better bassist but a better musician, gain a better understanding of the way a melody and harmony function in a song, further develop a more well trained ear, or just wanting to take your level of musicianship to the next level, then I highly recommend that you look to The Chordal Approach to help you revolutionize your playing.” - Cliff Engel,

“his solo work is VERY musical, and his book 'The Chordal Approach' is one of the best resources I've ever seen for anyone investigating solo bass” - Steve Lawson

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