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The CORE Method is a revolutionary method designed for 4,5 and 6 string basses (and more). Because it is modular in nature, you get to direct your own learning. Learning that suits your needs and your interests. Best of all, The CORE Method is free! “ The CORE Method is taught by internationally renowned bass player, educator and author Michael Dimin. The CORE Method is for all bass players, beginner through advanced. While providing a solid foundation for the new player, the innovative concepts presented open up the instrument for intermediate and advanced players alike. Whatever style of music you play, The Core Method will help you become a more creative, innovative and, most importantly, in-demand player. Originally written for Michael’s private students, The CORE Method is a comprised of two parts. The Core is a simple and effective way to develop fluidity on the entire neck, in any key, in any position. The second part of The CORE Method are the Modules. These Modules cover the many musical applications of the CORE. It is this section that students can choose to direct their own learning outcomes. The Modules provide Fluency to the Fluidity gained in the first section
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