Solo Bass Arrangement: "Saint James Infirmary"
  •  Solo Bass Arrangement: "Saint James Infirmary"
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Saint James Infirmary or “The Saint James Infirmary Blues” is a traditional American Folk Song, made famous, in 1928, by Louis Armstrong. I arranged this for one of the magazine lesson columns I was writing (can’t remember which one). The editor wanted something that was in the public domain, as not to have to pay license or royalties. Although there have been many recordings of this tune, through the years, by both Jazz and Blues artists, there have been none for solo bass! Saint James Infirmary is a simple 8 measure tune, with a 1 beat pickup. It is arranged in the key of F for 4,5 or 6 string bass. Don’t let the printed music scare you off. This is relatively easy and can be played at any tempo or even rubato. As it is only 8 measures long, you should be able to pick this up fairly quickly.

These Solo Bass arrangements are written specifically for the bass. Taking into account all the possibilities as well as the limitations of the instrument. Arrangements are played one octave higher than written.

Michael Dimin is the author of The Chordal Approach as well as The Art of Solo Bass and was a solo bass lesson columnist for Bass Frontiers, Bassics, Bass Player Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazines. Mike was an original Ask The Pro at and a teacher at Gerald Veasly’s Bass Boot Camp, The National Summer Guitar Workshop, The Collective and more. Michael Dimin’s new video series based on his revolutionary book, The CORE Method is changing, forever, the way bass is taught.

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