"The Art of Solo Bass" is the culmination of over 30 years of work. From my first attempt at a chord-melody solo of Misty in 1979 to my cutting edge arrangement of Jaco's "Three Views of a Secret", I have been able to develop a chordal technique that is within reach of all players. "The Art of Solo Bass" is the follow up to the critically acclaimed "The Chordal Approach". (Now Available as a .pdf).

"All I can say is "Thank God I found you". I have been searching for such a long time for someone to teach me "Chord Melodies" for bass. Been searching the net and coming up short. Finally I found your book on and I am so psyched! This is what I want to dedicate myself to and become proficient in. LOVE THE BOOK. The arrangements of the jazz and blues are AWESOME. I also love "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and have been searching for an arrangement for bass with no luck...WOW I it the jackpot with you!!" - Mike Madden

"I finally had a chance to sit down and go through "The Chordal Approach." Great stuff! I especially like how you explain the theories of reharmonization and voice leading. It makes the bok a great educational resource for all bassists and I admire the work you've put in." - Michael Manring

"The state of my desk being as it is, I just now got around to reading through your book The Chordal Approach. You're doing bassists a pretty great service by spelling all of this out, I gotta say. For someone like me, who was never a technical genius and initially learned "some" chords by trial and error and never know exactly why or how to use them properly until years later (and still don't in lots of jazz cases), this is a key to the kingdom. Now if only you could show us all how to do the fingerpicking-style thumb-walks/fingers-comp thing in three easy steps, you'd really be in trouble. :-)" - Bryan Beller

"Moving step by step through the theory, technique, and application of bass chords, Dimin espouses chordal study as a performance tool and as a way to improve your overall musicianship." - Bass Player Magazine, March 2001, From The Bookshelf (p.86)

"The Chordal Approach" is an excellent study and source of information for developing chordal playing on four string bass. Michael has put together a concise guide and method that will start you on your way to exploring the useful chordal possibilities that are available on your instrument. I recommend this book to bassists who want to get a better understanding of harmony as well as developing their comping technique". - Mark Egan

"The CORE Method"
is a revolutionary new tool for learning the 4, 5 and 6 string electric bass. The CORE Method is both easy to learn and comprehensive. The CORE Method is modular. The CORE Method is comprised of two parts, the “core” and “modules”. Once you learn a few basic “tools”, the core of the method, you can then tailor your learning to suit your needs through each of the different modules. The CORE Method opens up the fretboard and your creativity. The Core Method makes every aspect of playing the bass easier. Techniques such as building bass lines, soloing, sight-reading, modes and arpeggios, speed and efficiency, playing in all keys, functional harmony and more stem from a central core that can be learned in a few hours. The CORE Method relies on the symmetrical nature of the bass’ fretboard, both vertically and horizontally. This revolutionary new system will make you a better, more creative musician. The CORE Method will change the way you thought of the bass and will open up new doors that other methods cannot. Finally, The CORE Method is a concept. It is not a series of exercises and etudes. Therefore it is not style specific. The CORE Method works for ALL styles of music, whatever your taste may be.


Performance and Instructional videos can be found on my YouTube Channel. Addional instructional videos that acompanied my lessons for Bass Guitar Magazine can be found on their YouTube channel.